if you’re happy and you know it

Thanks so my to my IRL (in real life!) friend Ashley for sharing the Happy 101 award with me!  My friends know me for puppies and rainbows so it is fitting ;)

10 things that make me happy:

1.  My 2 fat pugs!

2.  Dr. Pepper

3.  Spending time with friends

4.  Google Reader!  Simplifies the hundreds of  blogs I read, love it!

5.  The Olympics (which I can pretend I am a part of when I do ski jumping on my wii fit and kick ass!)

6.  Rainbow chip frosting

7.  The color green

8.  HOMEGOODS (I mean this goes without saying if you’ve been reading my blog for long!)

9.  Before and after photos, nothing is more gratifying!

10.  Last but not least, my amazing husband of course!

Ten blogs I love (and am passing this award on to)

1.  The DIY Showoff: Roeshel does an amazing job at sharing her own DIY projects and those of her readers, so much inspiration.

2.  More Green for Less Green:  Pamm bought a scary mold and roach infested foreclosure and has given it a total makeover, all while saving the planet :)

3.  With Two Cats: puts together some great mood boards and has a kick ass nursery in the works, can’t wait to see the final reveal.

4.  You Paid More Than Me: sharing PB knockoffs for those of us looking for a good deal!

5. In the Fun Lane: simply divine furniture makeovers.

6. The Way the Cookie Crumbles: her recipe comparisons are my favorite, and her pictures are always drool worthy

7.  Design Sponge: daily inspiration

8.  Life in Motion: amazing child photographer, introduced me to birth photography, she has the best eye!

9.  Gardening Thru Life: Mandy has given me the kick in the pants I need to start square foot gardening this year!  I love learning things from her gardening experience!

10.  6 Harts for Him: Bethany and I have been friends since we were toddlers.  How someone that is 26 with 4 kids under 5 can keep such a positive attitude all the time amazes me!

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3 thoughts on “if you’re happy and you know it

  1. Hey Girlie!
    Thanks so much for the award! I LOVE life in the fun lane too!!! Perhaps when I don’t have many messy toddler fingers around our house…I will be able to have white couches!lol!Hey,I like to dream;)

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