Goals for the New Year

A few days late on this but here it is.


-family room: paint touch ups, paint trim and doors, paint fireplace and fireplace cover.  Basically, finish the room!
-yard: plant more perennials and keep the bunnies from eating them, reseed the yard
-garage: build work bench and organize (my dad is coming over to spearhead this project this winter)
-basement: paint other half of room and install new light fixture, organize, organize, organize!  Maximize laundry room storage.


- sign up for a better rewards credit card once we max out our current rewards (usually hit the limit in late summer and miss out on $$$ rewards we would earn in Nov/Dec).
-refinance the house
-set up will and guardianship
-keep tracking our spending and tweaking our budget


-get out together as a family once a weekend whenever possible.  Library, bookstore, zoo, park, walk, shopping, etc.  Just get out together.
-date night once every 2 months.
-reduce our screen time, especially while Gretchen is awake.
-physically attend church (instead of logging in from the couch) at least once a month.

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