Another new beginning

I thought with so many new beginnings in my life that it was time for a new blog, plus I love wordpress and having all my blogs over here just seems to make sense, even if I do lose some of my loyal xanga readers that have yet to discover the amazingness that is Google reader. By moving to wordpress I can share my thoughts with a broader audience which will be a bit of an adventure.

So what’s new with me? Well, a little over 2 months ago Tyler and I adopted an 8 week old pug puppy from a rescue organization outside St. Louis. I never liked pugs growing up, thought they were too skinny because I was an English bulldog lover through and through. On my first date with Tyler I made sure he understood that I was bulldog obsessed and was destined to own one of my very own someday. Then last year Tyler and I went to a dinner at a couple’s home back in Virginia and were introduced to their fat and lovable pug named Pumpkin. Something changed. We became sure that a pug was the perfect dog for us, apartment dwellers for the next 3 years most likely. They’ve got the smooshed faces and the wrinkles, they are playful and silly and cute of course, and they don’t grow to be 80lbs and drooley like bulldogs, bless their hearts. Now our lives revolve around our energetic and stubborn pug who I have a million nicknames for already, such as “poog” and “Toby MacToberson” and when he’s really being ornery I call him “Toby B. Toberson.” The “B” stands for “batshit crazy.” Enough of the talk about little Toby, here are a few of my favorite pictures of him.

Toby in the box he slept in on the 4 hour drive home from St. Louis. This was my very first glimpse of him (I wasn’t able to make the trek to pick him up). He was so little!!! I had no idea then what I was in for, lol.

Toby loves his platypus.

My little baby ewok.

Now I promise despite the url of my new blog it will not be all about Toby, but he is a big part of my life now and I love sharing him with others. Leave a comment if you’ve managed to make it over here from my other blog, or from some other place in the Internets.


4 thoughts on “Another new beginning

  1. Toby is so freaking adorable!!!!! (hope all the ! get the point across)

    Oh and I added you to my reader (which is what I came over here to say but I got distracted by the cuteness, I see how you don’t get any work done 😀 )

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