Toby’s Big Night

Last night was the conclusion of our 8 week puppy course at Petsmart. I really can’t say enough good things about it! Toby learned a lot, we probably learned more, he made some friends (Tobes fell in love with a German shepherd) and we got to know some other puppy parents and compare notes! Toby is so much better behaved now than he was 8 weeks ago, and thanks to this course he can: sit, lay down, stay, listens when we tell him to “leave it” or “drop it”, walk on his leash without pulling us along, sit when greeting someone, come when called, and shake (as you have witnessed)! Tyler and I are so proud of him! Here are a few pictures from his graduation last night, I wanted to steal that little hat!

“I am not amused by this little hat Mama!”

“I’m serious, why must you and the bald one embarrass me so?”

“Fine take all the photos you want, just beware, I know where you sleep and might leave you a nasty little surprise!”

Next I want to teach him to fetch a frisbee so we can compete in frisbee catching contests!

“You be crazy, Mama.”


2 thoughts on “Toby’s Big Night

  1. Awww…that is the cutest thing! Toby sounds better behaved than both my pups put together. Though they are adjusting very well to apartment life. We haven’t had any accidents for three days.

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