25 Years

So in honor of my 25th birthday I thought I would try to make a list of important events that occured in each year of my life.  Some big, some extremely random (i.e. the first thing that popped into my head from that age) but we’ll see what I can come up with!

0- birth
1-  walking, talking, eating solid foods, eating a gigantic chocolate bunny, yada yada yada.
2- my sister was born, consequently, I cracked my head open while with the babysitter that day.   I just couldn’t handle not being at the hospital with the rest of the fam.
3- okay i’m already drawing a blank!
4- saw my first movie in the theater: Bambi, have been terrified of fire ever since.
5- started kindergarten, learned about “stop, drop, and roll” when the firefighters came to speak to our class.
6- my only memory from this year is my first day of 1st Grade when they decided my speech problems were gone.  According to my high school boyfriend who was in my class, I apparantly made fun of him for not going to church.
7- Wore a skirt to school pretty much every day, year round.
8- I believe this was the year I broke my arm when I tied a jump rope to our bunkbeds and attempted to rappel down.  This was also the year I discovered I tie crappy knots.
9- first slumber party!  For my birthday I had friends stay over and  I stayed up the entire night so I could see the sun rise.
10- had my first male school teacher, threw a complete fit when I found out my teacher wasn’t a woman, wore a white headband to school pretty much every day for some strange reason.
11- placed in the gifted program, which was extremely dull, watched a peer put pencil eraser bits in the coffee of the mean gifted teacher.  Discovered cheesy popcorn, also, had a POG collection (anyone remember pogs?)
12-  cried during the speech I gave at my 6th grade graduation program, had my first boyfriend.
13- first kiss, first pair of real tennis shoes (adidas),  tried to use a tampon for the first time, was traumatized.
14- first break up and post-break up hair chop (yeah I was in a very *serious* relationship from age 12-14), left the church I’d gone to all my life, played the part of the crazy mayor’s wife in The Music Man.
15- learned to drive, acquired Mr. Snowman,  discovered that even good Christian girls develop sex drives.
16- worked my first job as a cashier at HyVee, discovered retail sucks, a lot.  Discovered my tendency to have panic attacks when forced to sing in front of others.
17- let’s just say that was a tough year.  I thought I was old enough to make adult choices, but also discovered they weren’t all they were cut out to be.
18- went to college, met some of the most amazing friends ever, discovered life outside of Kansas, consumed a lot of caffeine.
19- broke up with high school boyfriend of three and a half years, met the man I knew I was going to marry a week later. Got thrown off a horse.  Swore off horseback riding and wrangling.  Got my first cell phone, the key to any long distance relationship!
20- spent 5 weeks in Mexico, swore off traveling to countries without clean water for the sake of my stomach after 5 weeks of pure hell.
21- lived in Colorado for 2 months, got engaged, graduated from college, worked my first full-time job.
22- got married!  Moved to D.C., discovered how boring office work truly can be, met Pumpkin the pug and decided pugs were the breed for me.
23- left the great city of D.C., and Baja Fresh *tear*, moved back to Kansas.  Took a job I never should have taken working for the Baptists.
24- questioned pretty much everything I believed in my entire life, decided I’m a democrat and that doesn’t mean I’m a bad person, became a pug mama, discovered the joy that is Zoloft, started grad school, bought my first house.  It’s been an eventful year!

whew, congrats if you got through all of that!  I think my life has been pretty blessed thus far with an amazing family, friends, husband, pug, and some great opportunities.  I am not really excited about turning 25 as I feel quite a bit of pressure to know what I want to do with my life and I feel realllllly close to having to make the decision to have children.  Kind of scary but exciting as well.  Hopefully by this time next year I will be a better wife, friend, social worker, and pug mama.  That’s about all I can hope for.


6 thoughts on “25 Years

  1. Gosh, your pug is just adorable! Roxie had troubles adjusting when we moved to our house too. She loves her yard now though. It is her own domain so I’m sure he will just love it! Right now I am trying to talk my hubby into letting us get another pug. It’s gonna take a lot of convincing!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. First off,way cute.Second,I really wish we lived closer.Third,your third year of life that is,I clearly remember getting in trouble because we said a bad word one day while coloring.So,For the record,you said your first swear word when you were three,okay,well maybe not the first,but the first time we got caught!Shit!lol…Love ya!

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