A Year Of Pug Life

Dear Poogface,

A year ago today we brought you home and our lives changed immediately.


my very first peek at my baby pug

We awww’d and “so cuuuuute’d” over your teensy tiny poogness and took 100 pictures of you in less than an hour.  Later that night as you cried pitifully in your crate for hours on end while Tyler slept on the floor next to it in hopes of soothing you we thought we’d made the biggest mistake of our lives.  Somehow we made it through those first few weeks until you no longer cried for hours on end and no longer required trips outside to potty every 30 minutes.  Not to say that you were anywhere near housebroken, but we no longer made 4-5 trips outside with you every hour.


you quickly fell in love with a stuffed green platypus and have been inseparable ever since, despite the fact that you have ripped her head open and spilled her little stuffy brains all over the place.  I no longer patch her up for you, I just remove the stuffing.

You charmed everyone you met but soon discovered the scary things in this world such as vacuums, brooms, make-up bags, plastic bags, purses, sleeping bags, reuseable grocery bags, lawn bags, etc.  Apparantly you are phobic of all types of bags.  Although you didn’t get off to the best start, you eventually aced your puppy class, although you still choose to obey us only when you feel like it, which is rarely.


You were not a fan of the graduation cap but you looked soooooooo cute.

Despite his initial firm rule of no pugs in the bed, by late summer your daddy had softened up and was now refusing to make you sleep in your crate at night, despite how much of the bed you managed to hog with your little body.  You are now a thoroughly spoiled poog, sleeping in the bed with us every night until the wee hours of the morning when we always move you to your crate so you don’t wake up with the sun and demand your breakfast.


Giraffe was your first toy and one of your favorites, but after destroying 4 (maybe 5…) of them they have been banned from the house.  Poor poog, you can no longer gaze lovingly into her eyes.

We learned that you are much smarter than we bargained for.  The list of words you know grows almost daily, and you can learn the name of a new toy within minutes (you can also destroy new toys within minutes, RIP snake).  You are a creature of habit, and live for our routines.  You know when I close my laptop that I am leaving the house, and you always get angry because you know it means it is time for the crate.  One time I closed my laptop at the same time that your daddy went to wash his glasses.  You immediately ran to the door expecting a trip to the dog park, as we had done the same things the last time we left the house with you.  You are too smart for your own good.


And thus I had to humble you, while meeting my own crazy need to dress you up in a ridiculous costume.  You were stripped of your dignity and forced to parade around Petsmart, only to lose the costume contest to another pug dressed as a flying monkey.  We will have to up our game this Halloween.

You have put on a few pounds over the winter, but are quickly adjusting to your new diet and lots of exercise doing your pugtona run around the backyard every evening.  If I am ever feeling down all I have to do is make you pugtona and I am immediately cheered up.  Someday I will try to capture it on camera, it is truly a sight to behold.


Adjusting to the new house has taken you about a month, but with your platypus by your side you are slowly accepting this as home.  I cherish my snuggle time with you in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening.  You are the snuggliest pug in the world, as well as the cutest, at least in our opinion.


One of the best decisions we have ever made was to rescue you Toby, and you reward us each and every day with pug kisses, snuggles, and pugtonas.  I’m so glad we stuck it out after that first horrible night.  Happy Gotcha Day Toby!  You will always be our baby poog.




4 thoughts on “A Year Of Pug Life

  1. This was such a sweet post! We have a pug also and feel the same way about him! Our little guy jumps up and thinks he is going somewhere when I close the laptop also!

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