Three Years

Three years ago today I woke up at the crack of dawn with butterflies in my stomach.   While everyone was still sleeping I hopped in the car, cranked up the radio, and drove to HyVee (exciting huh?).  I was just going to pick up some sandwiches but I was there too early, the deli sandwiches weren’t ready yet.  So I grabbed a magazine and sat down on some patio furniture in the store and read mindless celebrity gossip in People.  When I went to check out the clerk asked “how are you this morning?” and I replied with a huge smile “I’M GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!”

June 24, 2006 was a truly great day but I feel like it pales in comparison to so many others days since then.  As well as Tyler and I knew each other after three years of dating/engagement, three years of marriage has brought us so much closer.  We’ve travelled together, moved to and from D.C. together,  raised a baby pug together, bought a house together (and lived to tell about it), and our lives have become completely intertwined.  We are a unit, a team, our own little family now.  Maybe someday we will even add some not furry kids to our family, but for now things feel just right.

Here’s a look back at the last 3 years of marriage, and a few years before that too 🙂














3 thoughts on “Three Years

  1. Hey sweet friend!
    Happy Anniversary!We will be celebrating six years July 11th.Hard to believe it’s been six years already.I love all the pictures.I have the one of you guys with Toby on our fridge,everytime Clara walks past it she says without fail”oh,I love that little puppy,he is my favorite”.You are thought of,and fondly missed(though my kids have never met you,they talk to your dog all the time!(HAHA))Have a blessed Anniversary,and many more to come!Much Love!

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