Book Review: Julie & Julia

When I saw the preview for the upcoming movie Julie & Julia I was reminded that the book had long been on my “to read” list.  So when I saw the book at Walmart last weekend I snatched it up.  5 days later and I’m done with it and here to share my review with you!  First of all, I’m super bummed I got the movie trailer cover (right) rather than the super cute non-movie cover (left).  Oh well, I will likely loan this book out to some friends and then sell it to Half Price Books as is my usual habit.

So, review.  I enjoyed this book, but I confess to skimming some parts.  The author writes a lot about her friends, and some of the things she writes about her friends just didn’t really interest me and I didn’t understand their relevance to the story.  I felt the last third of the book was the most enjoyable part.  I confess I don’t really have a lot of sympathy for people that are 29 years old and have 1) no clue who they are 2) no clue what they want to do about it and 3) bitch about it all the time.  So I couldn’t really relate to the author in many ways.

The book really is about the author, not about Julia Child.  The upcoming movie draws from Julia Child’s autobiography so more of her story will be told in the film than in the book.  I think it may be possible that I’ll find the movie more enjoyable than the book for this reason.

So I enjoyed the book but as far as memoirs go, this one is not as good as some, like Girl Meets God, but better than Eat, Pray, Love.  I have high hopes that it will be adapted well to film.  Has to be better than My Sisters Keeper (don’t see the movie if you’ve read the book, or at all really!).


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Julie & Julia

  1. Hey! I just finished this book on Monday and I completely agree with your review. The last third was much more captivating than the first part and I found the friends’ stories to be very odd and often inappropriate.

    Funny, I got the original cover with my book. Bought the book at Borders for $5 as they were moving out the old covers to bring in the movie covers.

    I’m so excited about the movie! Did you notice the director is Nora Ephron who did You’ve Got Mail?? Yes! Mark saw the trailer with me, laughed and said “that looks like a Caryn movie”. 🙂

    Too bad we can’t see it together!

  2. Read “My Life in France”. Biography of Julia and Paul’s time in France, when they were freshly married and she first fell in love with cooking. You’ll really like it.

    I have a copy! If you’re coming by to see Pete at any point remind me and I’ll lend it to you.

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