Vacation Highlights

We spent 5 days in the Great Smokey Mountains with Tyler’s family.  I had never been to the Smokies before so it was fun to explore a new area of the country.  Here are some of the highlights.


dude forgot to put on anything under his (assless) chaps.  Yes I realize all chaps are assless but I really like to say “assless chaps”, it makes me giggle.


view from the Cherohala Skyway


the first tubing adventure on the creek behind our cabin, this projected 90 minute fun ride turned into a 3+ hour float to the middle of nowhere!


Logan practicing baby yoga


warming up in the hot tub after tubing in the cold creek!


Logan LOVED hanging out with Uncle Tyler, maybe because he looks so much like his own daddy?


Logan is a true heart melter, he melted mine over and over and over…


Austin just turned 1 and is constantly in motion, he was so hard to capture with my camera!


Ethan wasn’t quite so mobile, so he was easier to photograph!  The only way I can tell the boys apart right now is their hair, Ethan has curls on the back of his head, Austin has curls on top!


and while I was typically the one behind the camera, I did manage to get one photo of myself with my niece, who is 6 and loves to look up things on wikipedia and read her dictionary!


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