And we’re back!

San Francisco was fabulous, and I have tons of blog posts in my head but so little time to write them as my first paper of the semester is due Thursday.  Don’t ask me how I am 2 months into the semester with no assignments under my belt yet, I don’t understand it either.  But I do know that the weeks until I finish the semester on December 10th are going to be crazy.  I would rather be working on the house, blogging, helping my sister PLAN HER WEDDING!!!! or anything else but school work, but it’s gotta be done!  Here are a couple of pics from our trip to tide you over until I finish this stupid paper.

057 059

Jelly Belly Factory was AMAZING, so silly but we had so much fun (and od’d on sugar that’s for sure)

084 097

Muir Woods was breathtaking, we felt so small!

182 184

I loved the Ferry Building, so much amazing  food to drool over (and sample whenever possible!)

127 109

Alcatraz freaked me out (night tour = scary!) but the ferry ride at sunset was beautiful!

128 168

and the bridges, both beautiful!  couldn’t get enough of them!

detailed posts to follow about the highlights and lowlights of our trip, as well as lots of posts on the food we ate over on the food blog!


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