Book Review: Secret Life of Bees

I picked this book up at Borders months and months and months ago per my dad’s recommendation but didn’t open it up and start reading until we went to San Francisco for vacation.  It came in mighty handy when our flight was delayed for several hours on the way back.  It was a fast read, which was perfect for our long weekend trip.  I really enjoyed the book although it was pretty heavy on the “women are goddesses let your femininity run free” sentiments, which I’m not really big on.  However the book was not about man hating, even though there was a lot of female worship (literally!)  I found the main character, Lily, to be one that was easy to empathize with.  The characters are vivid and engaging and the plot is not overly complicated but does have depth.  Some find it to be a really sad book, but I didn’t really feel that way.  I thought the way the author portrayed a serious mental illness (severe and chronic depression) to be both realistic and unique.

I haven’t seen the movie yet but hope to get my hands on it soon and see how it holds up!  From the preview I watched online it appears to follow the book extremely closely and the script seems straight from the book.


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