Puggy Christmas

So my favorite Etsy seller is probably maustudio, she makes the cutest little designs and I cannot resist the little pug, Ball-Z.  As you know I framed a set of the Christmas cards last year to put on display, and I have the magnets on my fridge.  Last year I bought a bunch of the Christmas cards on clearance for this year, perfect to send out in light of the second pug we are bringing home soon!  Black pug lovers do not be sad, T-Tea the black pug also adorns many of her products!  Her stuff is also not pug exclusive, she features several other dog breeds, including chihuahuas, chows, min pins, and bostons.  I swear she keeps making more and more Ball-Z products because she KNOWS I can’t resist at this point!  I am however showing some restraint, I do not own the mint tins or the necklace
Here is what may be coming to a mailbox near you…if we are Christmas card buddies 😉 
Ball-Z in the Snow Greeting Cards
Ball-Z Greeting Cards
Ball-Z stickers
and I couldn’t resist the address labels…
50 Personalize Holiday Address Labels - Pug Santa
I know…I have a problem!
I also snagged a pack of the ball-z gift tags for some of my gifts. 
Ball-Z Puggy Gift Tag

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