Guest Bathroom Plans: phase 2

We’ve made quite a few improvements to our guest bathroom since we moved in.  Here’s what it looked like back in March:

after painting and updating the fixtures here is what it looks like today:

Yet the gold flecked counters and retro shell sink remain.  Our goal for 2010 is to update all three of our bathrooms for under $1000 total, and I think we can do it.  Probably the biggest splurge will be on a new counter/sink for this bathroom.  We’d like to get corian/solid surface.  Since granite shows water stains so easily we’d rather not put it in the bathroom even though we could likely get it cheaper than solid surface.  The vanity is sturdy and I plan to paint it white, along with the trim.  The peel and stick tile in there is in great shape, so I don’t think we will put real tile down, especially since the floor is noticeably slanted in there.  I can just imagine what a headache it would be to make the tile level, ugh.  So here is the mood board I started when we first bought the house, I’ve added to it to reflect the changes we have planned for next year!  Which counter color do you think would look best?

guest bath

from top left: wall color is restoration hardware’s silver sage, matched into Behr paint.  Silver framed mirror was a steal from Homegoods.  Shower curtain and curved brushed nickel rod from Target, as well as the towels.  Bath rugs from Homegoods.  Approximate color of the existing peel and stick tile.  A print I’d really like to hang in there but Tyler is not in agreement.  Faucet design I like.  A few counter options.  What our vanity should look like once I paint it and replace the hardware.


3 thoughts on “Guest Bathroom Plans: phase 2

  1. I like the third counter color from the top, the darkest brown. My second choice would be the lighter tan brown (the top one). I think either of those would look good with the tile. I’d stay away from the other 2 since you’re painting the vanity white because you want your nice new counters to stand out! 🙂

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