January: A Review

books read: didn’t finish any but I started a few

movies watched: Brokeback Mountain and 500 Days of Summer

tv show obsessions: Big Love season 4 and Make it or Break It

new recipes tried: chipotle bean burritos, roast chicken with peppers, pork stir fry, mushroom herb chicken, mashed potatoes with chives.

favorite purchase: my new throw pillows

low point: endless car repairs, I think we spent over $1k on car repairs this month!  Plus our car insurance was due so it was a $$$ month in that department.

high point: losing 6.4 lbs during my first month on WW!

favorite pug photo:

“get off the damn internets already mama!”


One thought on “January: A Review

  1. I absolutely love your pugs! We have a soon to be 6 year old pug who is the joy of our life.

    And I LOVE this idea of a month in review. I hope you don’t mind but I did it myself. Linked back to you of course!

    Love the blog!

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