Happy Birthday Toby!

Hard to believe Toby is turning 2 years old this week!  We don’t know his exact birthday, but we do know it is the last week of February, so I guess we will just celebrate all week!  In honor of my baby pug, I updated the little video slideshow I made of him last year to include pictures from his second year.  I cannot believe my baby pug that was 3.3 lbs when we brought him home is a whopping 30 lbs now!  Thus why we call him Chubbs.  We also call him: poog, poog face, poogers, chubbers, little baby pug, nommer, nommerface, chubby bun (or bunny), chubbiest of buns, fatty face, tobes, and tobers.  He pretty much responds to all of those, but “dinner” is always the magic word!

He has mellowed quite a bit over the last few months since we brought home a sister for him.  He still likes to steal tissues out of the trash and beg for treats.  After he eats breakfast and goes out in the morning he runs upstairs and hops into bed with me, digging himself under the covers and snuggling up next to me to stay warm and catch some extra snoozes.  Tyler and I trade off who gets to snuggle Toby at bedtime each night.  He sleeps in the bed until about the middle of the night when Tyler puts him in his crate until breakfast (otherwise Toby would be up at first light).

He is definitely an Amish pug, hater of all things electronic that steal his parent’s attention.  He will literally push my laptop out of my lap if I don’t watch out.  His favorite treats are bananas and peanut butter, and cheese is always a hit too.  Really he will eat anything.  He loves shih tzus but not as much as he loves people.  At the dog park he will find a friendly person and beg for a belly rub, but he is never interested in the other dogs.  He is a creature of habit and never happier than when he’s snuggled up with his mama or daddy and one of his favorite toys.  He will always be our baby pug!

You can watch the video here:

Happy Birthday Chubbs.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Toby!

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  2. Aw! That was so sweet – I must admit I teared up a bit. lol I remember a lot of those pictures when you took them. I can’t believe Toby’s two! They grow up so fast… *sniff*

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