February: A Review

books read: finished All New Square Foot Gardening, giving me tons of ideas for our new and improved garden this year!  Still haven’t finished the other 2 books I started in January, whoops.

movies watched: didn’t watch a single movie!  Too busy keeping up with the olympics!

tv show obsessions:  The Winter Olympics!  I just can’t get enough, especially of Evan Lysacek! 😉  Also, season 4 of Friday Night Lights wrapped up (and oh it was a great one!) and Lost is back, making my Tuesday nights oh so wonderful.

new recipes tried: cookie dough dip, gruyere and fontina cheese fondue, slow roasted pulled pork, and almond crusted tilapia.

favorite purchase: my new patio chairs!  4 for $60, awesome!

low point: dropping another $800 on my car!  That makes approximately $2k spent between our two cars since the first of the year.  ::pukes::

high point: playing waitress at the “You Are Loved” luncheon at the shelter, it was awesome to see our clients pampered on Valentine’s Day, which can be a very emotional and difficult day for survivors of domestic violence.

favorite pug photo:

Chubby Bunny loves his belly rubs!


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