March: A Review

books read: I really should just delete this one, all I read these days are magazines and the internet!

movies watched: Precious, Up in the Air, and The Hurt Locker

tv show obsessions: Parenthood, and I rewatched seasons 1-4 of Greys, it used to be such a great show!

new recipes tried: pasta with asparagus, pancetta, and pine nuts, nutty granola, peanut butter-oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, chicken florentine pasta, chicken enchiladas, hot and sour soup with tofu, mushroom stuffed chicken, spicy chicken schwarma, and last but not least, chicken lasagna florentine.

favorite purchase: The $2 zip it! I seriously love not having standing water in my shower anymore!

low point: food poisoning after trying a new restaurant 😦

high point: seeing our flowers bloom!  Our hyacinth, daffodils, AND tulips bloomed this month!

favorite pug photo:

People ask me why we think Boopers is crazy, seriously, look in those eyes and tell me how you can doubt it!


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