Cheap Pot Makeover

In preparation for installing our hang-a-pots this weekend I gave some $1 terra cotta pots a makeover with a couple of cans of spray paint.  I used Krylon indoor/outdoor spray paint with a gloss finish in ivy and bahama sea.

Step 1: Tape the rim of the pots with blue painters tape

Step 2:  Find a well ventilated area to spray paint, for me it was a little table covered with a drop cloth in the middle of my backyard. Position your posts.

Step 3: Apply several thin layers of spray paint, let dry between coats (this paint recommends 1 minute between coats).

Step 4: Remove tape and admire your work!  (Whoops switched pots on ya!)

We’ll be hanging these babies on the fence this weekend, weather permitting!


4 thoughts on “Cheap Pot Makeover

  1. Those pots are adorable! I actually saw some in a store that looked a lot like that, but the top rim was done in chalk board paint. Could be a fun twist to the craft :o)

    • ooh those would be fun! Maybe for some indoor herbs? I haven’t had good luck with chalkboard paint in the past though, but i should give it another try.

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