Recent Etsy love!

I’ve been bookmarking some cute stuff on Etsy recently, a pretty random assortment

Keep Calm Pug with Scaled Background - 7x9 Print

what a good motto to live by, lol!  from etsy seller AfricanGrey

who also designed this super cute greeting card I might get for Tyler for our anniversary, he loves otters

Playful Otter Greeting Card

and another good motto to live by from Etsy seller hijirik

Live What You Love Letterpress Print in Seaform Green

I would like to DIY one of these in a different color to put on my potting bench, from etsy seller gardensigns

GROW painted wooden garden sign

these from seller flowerjunky are also cute!


and I saw this on the front page of etsy the other day and I just think it is so so cute!  from bubbletime

Handmade Plush  Microbe Neon Orange and Gray Fluffcrobe


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