May: A Review

books read: yeah this didn’t happen, although I did skim some old textbooks when I studied for my exam!

movies watched: Valentine’s Day (TERRIBLE!!!), Iron Man 2, Sex and the City 2, and It’s Complicated.

tv show obsessions: nothing new, but I did really enjoy the series finale of Lost, I feel like I was one of few people who actually “got it” and wasn’t pissed off by it.

new recipes tried: Pink Lemonade CupcakesButtery Jam CookiesSnap PeasEggplant, Zucchini, and Tomato TianKey-Lime Raspberry BarsMediterranean Stuffed Chicken, Nutella Frosting

favorite purchase: these tiles from C&B, which reminds me I need to hang them up on the patio!

low point: strangely, finishing grad school.  I will miss my classmates a ton.

high point:  a whole bunch!  completing my masters program, passing my LMSW exam, and my first job interview!

favorite pug photo:

Betty’s first trip to the dog park!


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