Half Bath: Before and After!

Well I would love to say our bathroom remodel is 100% finished, but that’s not true.  The sink is leaking a bit and the trim needs to be touched up, however, it is done enough to reveal to the world, so here we go!

Here’s how the bathroom looked when we moved in 18 months ago, 1976+1992=one scary scary room we used as a closet and a place to rinse paint brushes until this summer.



I did not keep very good track of how much money we spent, but here’s a source list and linked to items when possible:

wall color: SW Kilim Beige

light fixture, pedestal sink,  tile, and toilet from Lowes

toilet handle, towel, and tp holder from Home Depot

mirror from Target

wall cabinet, soap dispenser, trash can and tp basket, hand towel from Homegoods

bath rug on clearance from Bed Bath and Beyond

glass canisters and basket in wall cabinet from Crate and Barrel

decorative wallpaper in cabinet from Ferm Living website

Moen faucet from Dealyard store on ebay

The major costs for this remodel included paying our lovely contractor, Matt German, to move the light fixture and sink plumbing and then install and finish new drywall on the walls and ceiling.  This was DEFINITELY money well spent, as it involved work that we had no experience or comfort with.  We would recommend him to anyone in the KC area and will definitely use him again in the future when we have more projects outside of our comfort zone!

After Matt finished his part of the remodel, Tyler stepped in, and with a little help from our dads, we finished the job.  Tyler installed new tile, the new toilet and sink, and cut and installed the new trim.  By breaking it down into smaller projects it didn’t overwhelm us, and our #1 most helpful tool was definitely GOOGLE!  We watched several videos to help guide us through our first adventures in plumbing.  Here are links to the videos we found most helpful:

how to install a pedestal sink (this video is EXCELLENT, broken up into different parts, we watched several parts multiple times to make sure we are on the right track.)

how to install a toilet (a good basic video, but since we were installing on a cement slab, several other google searches took place to help us troubleshoot!)

Whenever we got stuck, which happened quite a few times, we brought out the laptop and a few clicks later could usually navigate our way to a solution.

I think we would both agree that the hardest piece of the entire project was probably the trim.  Cutting it, nailing it, painting it, uggh.  It was worse than the plumbing if you can believe that!

Besides gaining a great little bathroom out of this project, and lots of new tools (stud finder, yeah baby!) we also gained a lot of confidence in our abilities to do DIY projects.  Tyler is already talking about what he’d like to do to our master bathroom.  The confidence is definitely priceless!


7 thoughts on “Half Bath: Before and After!

  1. Followed your link while I was peeking/lurking at thenest.com. I do love the transformation in the bath – looks 100% better. Love the green, so soothing. Everything just sparkles.

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