Christmas Decor 2010

I’ve had our Christmas decor up for a couple of weeks now but it’s rare my house is clean enough that I can photograph any of it 😉  I keep meaning to add more to our mantle but I think I will leave that for next year, give me something to look forward to since Tyler says 2 trees is our max!  (we shall see…maybe I can sneak in some small ones 😉 )  I picked up a second tree and lots of ornaments on clearance at Target last year and this year I was able to bust it out and do my first themed tree.  Silver, white, and I added some apple green ornaments too.  New white tree skirt was a Black Friday deal at $16 from Kohls.

we really need to move all the ornaments up about a foot from the bottom, Boopers keeps pulling off the snowflakes.

more green white and silver on the shelves

and in the dining room I put our original tree with all my childhood ornaments

our growing Christmas card collection, I tape them to the pantry door.  This year we are doing a pug card exchange, thus the lack of human beings.

Speaking of cards, here are the Shutterfly designs we ended up with this year


One thought on “Christmas Decor 2010

  1. Very cute tree and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t notice the tree skirt on sale on BF!!!

    P.S. I LOVED your cards this year, you might get one from me if I ever get my butt in gear!

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