40 hours

I realized my camera was in my purse the other day so I snapped some photos of my office.  I wish I had a before picture of this space…pink walls + hunter green carpet = 1988 threw up in my work space.  I spruced it up last fall and now it is a much more pleasant place to be.  I need to hang some photos on the back wall and get another lamp since I refuse to work under the fluorescent lighting.

when I acquired the office there were 4 of these shelves in an L shape in the corner.  I had the ones above my desk removed and it made the room feel much bigger.  I left these 2 up so I could display some things.

my inexpensive art

the very important source of non-headache inducing light, a lamp from walmart.  Also loving this fun little calendar I bought on etsy.

and my chair, that is looking kind of sad now that I brought the pillow home to use on my bed.  Will have to replace it soon.  Mirror is from World Market, as is the slipcover.  I scored the chair on clearance at Homegoods.

so there you go, my tiny office that fits me plus about 1.5 other people 🙂


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