childhood favorites

My mom has a sweet collection of children’s books.  Some classics, and some crazy off the wall books that would give your child nightmares if they read them before bedtime.

gather round children, as I tell you THE STORY OF ATOMIC ENERGY-GY-GY-GY (that was an echo btw)

when we visited my grandparents growing up the only books available to us were Calvin and Hobbes anthologies.  Funny, but not nearly as educational as what Gran Jan has on her bookshelf!


One thought on “childhood favorites

  1. Steven and I were scoping those out after the wedding. I kind of want to read them sometime. Like, what is “The Little Lame Prince” about? I did read Steven one of the stories from “Myths Every Child Should Know”… perhaps every child should get a dictionary first to understand the language used!

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