yard reno 2011

Our backyard has long been an eyesore.  Like many other things in our house, the previous owner (owners probably) neglected to maintain the yard and it ended up completely overrun with weeds.  You name it, we had it back there: clover, thistles, wild strawberries, some other kind of clover, crabgrass, and of course dandelions. There was a small amount of real grass but it was in random patches around the yard, the rest was long ago choked out by weeds.  After 2 summers of attempting to mow the weeds as they grew more and more out of control we’d had enough.  Due to drainage issues and the sheer enormity of the problem, we knew we had to do something drastic.

We had a few landscaping companies come out and give us quotes for overhauling the backyard and putting down sod.  The project was just more than we were willing to DIY.  Our biggest concern was removing all the weeds without using Round Up or other harmful chemicals.  The company we ended up choosing was able to do it without any chemicals, by using a sod cutter to cut out the existing yard.  Basically it shaved off the top few inches of our yard.  They were then able to rake it into piles and haul it out.

They used a rake to get the weeds/grass closest to the fence.

They ran out of sod today so will be back Monday to finish up the last corner of the yard, but they did enough for me to show the dramatic before and afters 🙂

Before (about a month ago, weeds were much taller by now!)


I love it!  I think it will take some getting used to 🙂  The pugs are quite perplexed.  They seem lost when we take them out back now and feel the need to re-mark all of their favorite spots.  Now we just have to water water water and take good care of it while it gets established.  We do need to do some more research on how to maintain our yard without using harsh chemicals.  This book has been helpful so far.


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