over halfway there

I will be 22 weeks on Tuesday.  PANIC!  My to-do list is reaching epic proportions.  Fortunately I have lots of energy and Tyler and I have stayed pretty motivated.   We’ve accomplished lots of things, but more things pop up to fill the spaces on the list before I can even cross them off.  It doesn’t really get any shorter.  Eventually we will have to let some things slide, but for now I’m in DO ALL THE THINGS!!! mode.

In the last week or so:

-we became official members of the Methodist Church

-planted lettuce, snap peas, and cilantro in the garden (which Tyler is in charge of maintaining this summer, I am staying inside)

-celebrated my 28th birthday

-I hired a doula (that’s right, I’m going to attempt to go med-free…more on that at a later date)

-we became the proud aunt and uncle to our third niece, Hosanna

-we’ve watched lots of basketball, hoping to see KU become national champs tomorrow!

-decided on a first name for the baby: Gretchen.  Not sure on middle name yet.

-I started to really look pregnant, although I’ve yet to have a stranger point it out so maybe it’s all in my head.

(20 weeks 5 days)

-I am feeling Gretchen kick a few times each day.  She is especially active after I drink something sugary like juice or soda, and kicks the most between 9-10 pm.  Still can’t feel her from the outside yet, Tyler is impatiently waiting.

-We emptied most everything out of the office and moved it to our newly repainted basement.

-Tyler assembled his first piece of baby furniture, a PBK bookcase that lives in the dining room at the moment.

-I have consumed over a dozen Reeces eggs.  I love Easter candy!


One thought on “over halfway there

  1. Yay med free! If you ever want to talk about how awesome med free is just send me a message 🙂 Also, you look adorable.

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