nursery progress

April is over and we put a nice dent in our to-do list for the nursery.

paint walls
paint trim white
remove closet doors, paint inside of closet
-install closet system to maximize storage space (will do this in June)
-refinish dresser/changer (current project)
-make wall art, hang gallery wall (almost done with art, should hang soon)
decide on fabrics, send off to seamstress that is making our crib skirt and curtains (waiting on grommets to arrive)
install new light fixture
put together furniture
install new blinds 

Here are some pictures I took yesterday, so exciting to see it all coming together.

my pink closet!  love it so much.  It will not be so in your face once the closet system and dresser are in there.  The white trim is such an improvement over the scratched up 1970s brown trim.  Painting it was not fun, but I’m so glad we did it.

Our Jenny Lind crib, it is beautiful!  One spindle was broken upon arrival but they shipped out a replacement in less than a week.

The other side of the room, can’t wait to fill the shelf up with books.

view from the door.  I love the chair so much, it is beyond comfortable, and the pink pouf is perfect place for resting your feet.  We’ve decided to do curtains in the same fabric as the crib skirt (you can see it hanging there on the crib) to really amp up the color in the room.

more pics to come as things progress!


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