a few updates

I am 30 weeks pregnant as of today.  75%ish done.  Holy crap, how did that happen?  I have been having some hormonal freak outs recently, mostly related to having to raise an actual baby, the childbirth stuff isn’t bothering me just yet.  It doesn’t help that my current “baby” refuses to snuggle me now that he has figured out change is definitely on the horizon.

well I take that back, he did hug my belly when we were down in the basement during a tornado warning recently, but that was probably just a moment of weakness.  I keep telling him that someday Gretchen will be his buddy and drop all kinds of food on the floor for him but he will have to see it to believe it.  In his defense, his current sister is a total bully so I’m not surprised he is wary of adding another girl to the household 😉

I am feeling pretty good.  A bit more uncomfortable now than I was in the 2nd trimester.  Energy is waning some but I blame the heat.  We went on our “babymoon” to Colorado last week/weekend and had a great time.  Loved the cool mountain air!

Our nursery to-do list shrunk a bit more in the last month!   Can’t wait to put things in the closet and get it all organized to my liking!

paint walls
paint trim white
remove closet doors, paint inside of closet
-install closet system to maximize storage space (will do this in June)
-refinish dresser/changer  still need to add clear coat and new knobs.
-make wall art, hang gallery wall
-hang floating shelves
decide on fabrics, send off to seamstress that is making our crib skirt and curtains
install new light fixture
put together furniture
install new blinds 

Some new pics:

floating shelves, need to add some stuff to them.  I love my new puffin classics!  Such pretty books!

gallery wall, half DIY art projects, half purchased prints.

I will try to blog again soon.  Want to write some about our birth plans, post pics of our cloth diaper stash, and of course final pics of the nursery once everything is done!


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