Such a fun day

Documenting this more for myself than anyone else, as I think it’s already starting to become a blur.

I’ve felt so good for the majority of this pregnancy, nauseous due to my progesterone supplements during the first trimester, but pretty awesome from second trimester on.  Just some growing discomfort over the last few weeks, but normal aches and pains from what I’ve read.  Two nights ago I woke up with really severe lower back pain that went on for hours.  Nothing like I’d experienced before but I thought maybe I overdid it on my day off (ran tons of errands, completed our registry at BBB, etc.)

I felt fine at work Tuesday, just lots of pelvic pressure but that’s not really unusual considering she is always moving around so much. Then last night I woke up about 3:45 to go to the bathroom and noticed my underwear was wet.  Tried not to worry, hoped I maybe peed on myself or got really sweaty.  The sheets were dry.  I changed clothes and went back to bad, but the backpain unfortunately was back.  When I woke up at 7:30 I was wet again, which I knew meant I needed to call the doctor.  I got ready for work as usual and hit up Starbucks as usual 🙂  They called me back before I got to work and told me to go straight to L&D for concerns of a “high tear”.

We just had our class and hospital tour last weekend, plus breastfeeding class Monday, so I’d gotten familiar with how to get around over here.  Knew what to expect in the room, etc.  Pre-registering was on my “to do” list for the week, but I am sufficiently registered now 😉  Gonna do bullet points now.

-Got settled in my room, Tyler came over from work.

-Hooked up to monitors, showed great heartbeat, good B/P (me), and normal temperature (me)

-Swab confirmed I was leaking amniotic fluid, not pee, boo.

-Cervical check revealed I am 1cm dialated (awesome), but 90-100% effaced (crap)

-Doctor came over and did a quick U/S, showing she was moving all around and that she is in head-down position!  woo hoo!

-Doctor told me I am officially on hospital bedrest until Gretchen arrives.  Going to try to keep her in as long as possible.  Since my risk of infection is high due to the leak, I am on continuous IV fluids and IV antibiotics every 6 hours.  If I develop an infection or she shows signs of distress OR if I go into labor, she has to come out.

-I got the first of 2 steroid shots to help develop her lungs in case of premature birth.  Second shot is tomorrow.

-Monitoring showed some random contractions today, some as close as 4 minutes apart, but I didn’t feel any of them, which is good.  I haven’t had any in hours now, also good.

-NICU coordinator came by and talked to me for about 30 minutes about what to expect if we end up with a NICU stay.  Surprisingly it didn’t freak me out too much.  I know we are in excellent hands.  I chose this doctor and this hospital after a friend had such a good experience here when her daughter came early.  Really glad we didn’t go with the hospital 1 minute from our house as they don’t have a NICU and it looks like we very well might need it.

-Late this afternoon I had another U/S, essentially another anatomy scan as she measured the heart, kidneys, bones, head, etc.

-U/S revealed fluid levels are great!  I am leaking but it appears to be a “high leak” which is good, and a slow one 🙂

-U/S also estimated her to be around 5lbs (this is after subtracting the lb or so that the growth scans are typically off by).  She is measuring a week ahead, which is fabulous news!

So that is where we are right now, a pretty good place for the end of this longest day of the year 🙂  all things considered.

I am settled in with my laptop, iphone, and my trust IV pole and fetal monitors 🙂  Getting to the bathroom is….interesting.  Better than a bedpan though for sure.  Currently enjoying some vintage Dawson’s Creek on Netflix.  I think I will attempt to get some sleep before my midnight dose of antibiotics.

Thanks to EVERYONE for the texts, emails, calls, FB messages, tweets, etc.  I really appreciate the love and support.  On days like today your realize how wide your circle of support is and hot dayam, mine is huge.

keep cookin’ Gretchen!  I can’t wait to meet you but I would prefer we wait for your sake!


One thought on “Such a fun day

  1. Thanks for all the family and friends who prayed today as GranJan and G-Pop sweated out the day’s developments. When your baby is gonna have a baby, it’s not a boring day! God is good!

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