Little Update

After 5 days confined to room 318 at the hospital I am home and transitioning to a much more comfortable version of bedrest 🙂  Really my experience at the hospital was not bad, all my nurses were fabulous, the food didn’t suck, and I managed to get quite a bit of rest and sleep once I wasn’t on 24/7 fetal monitoring anymore.

Not much has really changed other than I am not actively leaking anymore, so the doctor didn’t see any reason to keep me in the hospital unless it starts up again.  He believes it is a “high leak” and may possibly seal back over.  I’m on oral antibiotics now and just trying to stay attuned to what’s going on with my body.  Praying for no signs of infection and no more leaking!  I am 34 weeks as of today, and my doctor said that at this point, every day Gretchen stays in is 3 less days in the NICU.  I am holding my breath she stays in for at least another week since my doctor is out of town Thur-Sun and I’ve never met the doctors that cover for him, although I’m sure they are great.

If I make it to 36 weeks I will be considered full term and my doctor won’t stop labor at that point.  No talk of induction yet which is good, I would really like to go into labor on my own (only once I’m full term though!)  They did another U/S yesterday before I left the hospital to confirm my fluid levels were still good.  They were down from 22cm to 17cm but that is well within the normal range and fluctuating levels are normal.  Still, I am working on getting my hospital bag packed just in case.  I want to be prepared when the time comes.

til then I am chillin on the couch with the pugs!


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