Some of mom’s favorite things

I always found it helpful when people shared their favorite things as a new mom so I figured I would share mine!

Brest Friend Pillow

I started using this in the hospital to get Gretchen in the right position and to support my back.  I used it pretty consistently for the first 6 weeks, until she had enough head control that I could try other BFing positions that I found more comfortable.  I really found the Boppy useless for BFing, as the top is rounded and it was impossible to keep her in one place.  I do use the Boppy daily for other things like tummy time and bottle feeding, but as a BFing pillow it was not helpful.  Brest Friend pillow all the way, despite the stupid name.

Swaddle Me blankets


Summer Infant Pink SM® 2PK Sweet Trees  - M

I bought this 2 pack at Target during one of my (many) post-partum Target shopping sprees.   We used these ALL the time.  Still would be using them now if we could.  My major complaint is sizing.  There is S/M and then it jumps to L, which is HUGE.  I wish they had a separate medium size between S and L.  These worked perfectly for the first 8 weeks though, love the ease of the velcro, especially at 3 am!  We’ve now moved on to the Miracle Blanket and the Woombie, but I don’t love them as much as the Swaddlemes.  At 12 weeks, Gretchen still loves her swaddle, not sure when we’ll wean her off of it, maybe once she starts rolling?

Lulu & Cha Cha headbands (purchased at Made on Mass in Lawrence, KS)

295201_589510640361_1852944634_n 603804_590908084871_332978665_n

My collection of these keeps growing and growing and growing.  Turns out I am picky about what kind of headbands/hairbows my kid wears, and this kind is my favorite.  I love that the flowers snap on, so you can mix and match the flowers and the headbands depending on the outfit.  They are handmade and come in so many styles and colors.  I could probably do an entire blog post featuring pics of her in different ones 🙂  I have pink, white, purple, teal, brown, grey, yellow, and red flowers.  So pretty much something to match anything 🙂  My friend Emily gave these to my friend Ashley at her baby shower last year

Baby Connect app for iphone

There are lots of baby tracking apps out there and I didn’t research them much.  I really like this one.  At first I was tracking doctor’s appts, weight checks, nursing (how long on right and left), bottles, pumping, wet and dirty diapers.  Now I just track how many oz of formula she is eating a day.  You can also track sleep patterns or baby’s mood (wtf??)  but I never got into that.  Pretty much if she’s not eating, she’s sleeping, with a short window of play time in between, don’t need an app to tell me that 🙂  This app was $5 but worth the price in my opinion.

Camelback water bottle

CamelBak BPA Free eddy Water Bottle - .75L Charcoal

Between my two hospital stays I came home with 3 of the huge insulated hospital cups, which are great, but they aren’t great for on the go since they are SO huge.  I got this water bottle at Target and take it everywhere.  Fits in my car cup holder, stroller cup holder, and I keep it on my nightstand for middle of the night thirst.  Nursing and hauling a baby and all her stuff all over town make you thirsty, so I try to always have this handy.

online shopping: specificially Amazon Prime,,, and (going through of course for the extra cash back!)

No idea how I would have gotten through the first month without online shopping!  While a quick (think less than 20 minutes) trip to Target or the grocery store were possible, a longer trip or frequent trips were not when I was on such a tight feeding/pumping schedule.  I used my Amazon Prime membership to order all kinds of things: diapers, mother’s milk supplements, a scale (which we easily returned when we discovered it wasn’t precise enough for our tiny baby and her tiny feedings), a toaster, lint rollers, and a hand pump.

I also started price comparing amazon with and and often amazon is not the better deal.  Going through ebates you can get big rewards on diapers and (rarely amazon), plus they run sales, first time customer promotions, and you earn credit on their sites for buying products that you can use towards your next purchase.  I even got a coupon for $10 off when I ordered from one site, which then allowed me to buy pug food at a steal since they carried Canidae and had free shipping.  I love having things shipped to my house and avoiding errands!   Chubbs does not enjoy this though as he hates the post man, UPS/Fedex man.  He knows the sound of their trucks and starts barking before they even appear, and he gets pissed if they ring the doorbell.  Thus is the life of a guard pug.


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