3 months


weight & other stats: don’t have official stats this month, my best guess is that she is between 11-12lbs right now.  Maybe a little over 12?  We have a scale but it isn’t really precise so I don’t trust it.

size: 3 months (or 0-3, depending on how the brand labels it)

sleep:  Gretchen still insists on taking at least a short nap between every bottle, sometimes a 20 minute nap, usually closer to 40 minutes, and once a day she’ll take a long 2 hour nap.  At night her longest stretch of sleep has been 7.5 hours!  She slept from 9:30-5am last weekend.  After that long stretch she’s usually up wanting to eat every 2 hours during the day except for the stretch where she takes her long nap (usually late afternoon but sometimes morning or mid-day, impossible to predict).  Her bedtime falls between 8:30-10 at this point.


eating:  About a week before Gretchen’s 3 month mark I ended up weaning.  She had started to refuse the boob more often than not, especially the left side.  For about a week she would only breastfeed 3 maybe 4 times a day and then it was down to twice a day, then once a day.  It was p.a.i.n.f.u.l.  She was in the middle of a growth spurt, chugging down her bottles and I knew the little bit of milk she was getting from me was frustrating her.  I had said I would only breastfeed her for as long as she was interested and found comfort in it and it was obvious that she was done.  Cabbage leaves and sudafed dried me up in about 5 days.  Now that we are exclusively formula feeding she goes through a Costco sized container of Similac a week. A couple of 4 oz bottles a day but mostly 3oz bottles.  Last week she was eating close to 26oz a day, this week getting her to eat more than 22-23oz a day was impossible.  She’s growing and seems satisfied so we’re just following her lead.

likes: playmat time, specifically, kicking the hell out of her piano (and smacking the toys too but she loves to kick!)  She also loves to look around and stare at lights and ceiling fans when we are out and about.

dislikes: still not a big fan of burping although it has gotten easier to burp her now that we feed her reclined in the boppy.  She loves to wiggle and squirm (thus the nickname Squirmy) so she was getting pissed when we held her for feedings.  Boppy gives her space to get the wiggles out without kicking us.



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