cloth diapering a newborn: our experience

There are so many options when it comes to cloth diapering a newborn.  Many diaper websites and stores offer a rental program since some babies are only in newborn diapers for a matter of weeks.  There are also CD services where you don’t even have to do the laundry, they just bring you a stack of prefolds/covers once a week and take the dirty ones away to launder for you.

For us, I’m glad we had a newborn diaper stash prepped and ready to go (full stash photos can be seen here).  Since Gretchen was a preemie, we used newborn sized Pampers Swaddlers for the first 3 weeks, until she was about 6.5lbs and began to fit in her CDs.  I never imagined we’d still be in newborn sized diapers at 3 months, but even though she doubled in size in that time, we didn’t retire her last newborn diapers until this week, when she outgrew her prefolds.  I definitely feel we got our money’s worth since pretty much everything in our newborn stash was bought gently used and we can use it for our next kid.  We haven’t  have a single blow out or leak in cloth, I love it and am so excited to be moving on up to our one size stash.  Will blog about those diapers sometime in the future, but for now, here’s a run down of our newborn cloth diaper experience.

What we used:

diapers: bububebes (B4s), mamamade, muttaquin baby (mutts), goodmamas, twinkie tush teenie tush, kissaluv size Os (KLOs), GMD orange edge prefolds, bumgenius xs bamboo fitteds (discontinued, womp womp)

covers: bummis superbrites, thirsties xs, thirsties duo wraps size 1

wool: sbish, wcw, and woollybottoms

fit soonest: BG xs bamboo fitteds at almost 3 weeks old (she was probably about 6.5 lbs at this point)

Her skinny legs meant there was some gaping at the leg openings but a newborn size bummis cover kept us leak free.  We really loved the fit of these diapers and the ease of the velcro closure.  Typically we reached for these diapers first if they were clean.

fit longest: orange edge prefolds

at about 5 weeks

today at almost 16 weeks.  I think it’s time to officially retire them now that the rise is so low!

outgrew fastest: Goodmamas.  Just didn’t have a lot of stretch in them and she was getting red marks on her thighs at about 2 months so they got retired first.  Cute while they lasted though!  And decently absorbent since they have 2 soakers you can layer.

most absorbent: it’s a tie! B4 newborns

and the new Twinkie Tush teenie tush

We were one of the lucky few to have a baby born at precisely the time Twinkie Tush was looking for testers.  The teenie tush diapers on the market now are a little different than the one Gretchen is wearing as the design was tweaked based on tester feedback.

I only had two B4s and one TT teenie tush but I used them as often as I could, and usually they weren’t even damp on the outside after she’d worn them for 2-3 hours.  I never went coverless with them but probably could have gotten away with it!

best fit: newborn mutts.  While these diapers were definitely not the most absorbent, the fit was excellent around the legs and the waist.  Plus tons of snaps along the front to get it just right, something I wish the KLOs had more of.

favorite print: cranky clouds (a mamamade newborn diaper)

sigh, I love this fabric so very very very much!  Good thing I have a blanket and a one size diaper in this fabric since this tiny diaper is now packed away🙂

not pictured but worth mentioning: about a third of my newborn stash was KLOs but I never took any pics of them.  They are a really basic, easy to use fitted newborn diaper.  Not crazy absorbent but it looks like they have recently redesigned them and the 2.0 version is more absorbent.  I wasn’t wild about the snap placement on the front, there just aren’t many to choose from.  Still, they worked really well for us, and they are affordable and durable.  I saved ours and will definitely use them with our next kid.

favorite covers:  while the fit on the bummis superbrites was great, the velcro was kind of scratchy on the top side and left marks on her belly if she brushed up against it (happened often while we were rocking her back and forth to make her burp).  So my favorite covers ended up being the thirsties x-small.  We only had two, next time I might add a couple more as the fit on the size 1 duos isn’t quite as nice for a newborn, though they work great now that she’s in one-size diapers.

just shy of 1 month old

favorite newborn wool: WCW xs (was wild child woolies, now wild coconut wear). Really all of our wool covers are awesome, I just like the cuteness factor on this one so much I declare it my favorite🙂

if we did it again (which we will):  Next time I’d like to try a BG xs AIO and maybe a couple others of the “big name” brand CDs.  I have the fitted love, so as you can see, all of the diapers we used required a cover.  For out and about it might be nice to have a couple of AIOs as fitteds tend to take up more space in the diaper bag.  I did ask my husband if he had a preference on any of the diapers and he said he liked them all.  He was totally on board for cloth diapering from the get go and changes just as many diapers as I do and never complained about any of them.  I thought he’d prefer the velcro ones over snaps but he really didn’t care either way!

If you made it this far, you’re a champ!  I could talk about CDs all day🙂  Let me know if you have any questions!

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