4 months


weight & other stats: 13lbs 3oz (25th %), 25 in long (68th %), and her head is in the 97th percentile!

size: 3 months and a few 3-6 month outfits.  She outgrew her teeny tiny socks and is in normal ones now 🙂  No real change in clothing size over the last month.

sleep:  Gretchen slept through the night (STTN) for the first time a couple of weeks ago!  We put her down around 9 and she woke up at 6.  She’s done that the last two nights as well.  Hopefully we’ll continue to see more and more of that, although I have a feeling the 4 month sleep regression is probably coming soon.  On the nights she doesn’t STTN she usually does a 6-7 hour stretch, then eats, then sleeps another 3-4 hours.  She still typically wants a nap between each bottle, but the last week or so we’ve had a couple of evenings where she stayed awake between her last two bottles of the day.  We still swaddle her for all naps and overnight with the miracle blanket.  I’m trying to have her take at least one nap a day in her crib so she can get used to sleeping on a flat surface before she starts daycare in January.  Some days she tolerates it, other days she doesn’t and I move her to the rock n play or bouncer.  For the first 3 months we were able to put her in the swing until she fell asleep, but she is fighting that now so I end up rocking her before naps about half the time.  Rocking + white noise + singing = her favorite.


eating:  we tried to speed things up a bit this month by moving to level 2 nipples.  While it worked for a couple of days and she was eating her bottles in 1/3rd of the time she used to (45-60 minutes on level 1 nipples), she got pissed on day 3 and just started spitting the bottle out over and over again, screaming, fussing, etc.  So we are back to level 1 nipples but she is eating faster it seems.  Closer to 30 minutes if not less.  She is going about 3 hours between bottles right now, so usually she’s hungry enough she eats an entire 4 oz bottle at each feeding.  Averages between 21-25oz a day.  We are planning on skipping cereal altogether and starting solids at 6 months.  Going to research baby led weaning vs. purees over the next couple of months.

likes: sucking on her hands, kicking and watching her feet move, sitting in her bouncy chair and grabbing her toys.  Gretchen became very expressive and verbal this last month.  Lots of smiles with the addition of cooing and laughing.  If you make noises at her she’ll “talk” back to you.  She LOVES music, especially when we sing to her.  We sing skinnamarinkydinkydink about 100 times a day, it makes her laugh every time.  Singing to her will also calm her very quickly if she’s fussing.  She loves to look at everything around her, lights, the pugs (she noticed them this month and laughed and smiled at them!), watching people in the room.

dislikes:  her pacifier, she just spits it out now since she prefers her hands.  She also doesn’t really like to be held to our chests anymore, she wants to be facing out so she can watch things.  So baby-wearing has been a fail, she gets very fussy in the K’tan.



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