5 months


weight & other stats: not sure since she doesn’t have another visit with the doctor til January, but my guess is she’s between 14-15lbs.

size: 3-6 months, although some 0-3 pants and sleepers still fit just fine.  I did pack up most of her short sleeved onesies and clothes she just wasn’t wearing much to make more room for her cold weather clothes.

sleep:  More often than not Gretchen is sleeping through the night at this point.  Sometimes that means she’s up at 5, other days it’s closer to 7.   Her bedtime fluctuates depending on the time of her last bottle.  We usually want to make sure she eats one last time after 8pm, so some nights she goes down at 8:30, others closer to 10.  A week ago we stopped swaddling, which I thought would be a huge ordeal but turned out not to be.  Gretchen was outgrowing her miracle blankets and kicking her leg out of it and waking herself up.  So I tried swaddling just her arms which worked great at naptime, but then overnight she got her arms out and pulled the blanket over her face….mom fail!  So the next night we decided to try a sleepsack and see how she did.  Fully expecting her to wake up in the middle of the night and need to be swaddled.  Nope!  She STTN and we’ve been using the sleep sacks ever since!  I miss my baby burrito a little bit, but I’m glad to see she’s so flexible and has easily adjusted to having her arms free.  No 4 month sleep regression YET, but I think it may come late since she was born a month early.  We shall see…


eating:  About 2 weeks ago we were able to move up to the level 2 nipples without a fight!  Now it takes Gretchen less than 10 minutes to take a bottle, which is awesome!   Gretchen is consistently eating 3.5-4 oz at each feeding, and sometimes she sucks it down and wants more so I’ll give her another 1-2 ounces.  Her daily intake has gone up a bit from last month, she typically takes 25-28 oz a day now (up from 21-25oz).  A few days ago she ate 30 oz, her new record!  Still no cereal or solids.  I am picking up Baby Led Weaning from the library today so we can start preparing for next month!   And not sure what category this should go under but this one works: Gretchen sprouted her first tooth this last week!  It is one of her front bottom teeth.  There were no real signs of teething that we picked up on, although she had been drooling and chewing on her hands a bit so maybe those were tooth related.  I just noticed one day that she had something in her mouth and put my finger in there and sure enough, it’s a tooth!  Hopefully the arrival of all future teeth is just as anticlimactic and fuss-free (yeah, right!)

likes: laying on her back and kicking and flailing her arms, especially if there is a ceiling fan to watch at the same time.  She wants to observe what is going on around her, so her preference is to sit in our laps and face out.  However she does like when we make faces and sign to her so she’ll tolerate looking at us as long as we are hamming it up.  She is still entertained for short periods of time by her playmat and her bouncy chair.  She likes to grab the toys but now that she’s interested in bringing toys to her mouth she gets frustrated  easily.  Gretchen really loves her pacifier again, I think our long trip to KY (11 hours in the car both ways!) made her want to use it more, it helps her fall asleep more easily.  Now that her arms are free from the swaddle she is figuring out how to get the pacifier back in her mouth (yay for wubbanubs!)

dislikes:  being on her stomach.  In fact she started to hate it so much she figured out how to roll over!!  I was totally astounded.  I had decided to stop stressing over her lack of interest in rolling (she wasn’t pushing up on her arms at all) and then out of the blue she just rolled over.  I managed to capture it on video to show Tyler, but when he came home from work she rolled over again for him like it was no big deal!  She is rolling from stomach to back both ways but typically rolls to her left.  Gretchen also doesn’t really like being reclined and is always grunting and trying to sit up without much success.  She definitely has strong core muscles!  I can’t think of anything else she doesn’t like…she is generally a very happy and adaptable baby!



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