First Christmas

We had a fun but low-key Christmas this year.  Last week we went to Lawrence to celebrate early with my entire family.  Lots of kids running around and good family time.

Gretchen in her Aunt Sarah’s lap (so excited she is moving closer so we can see her more!) with her cousins Karis and Hosanna.  Hard to believe Hosanna is almost 4 months older than Gretchen!

reading The Grinch with GPop

Some cute pics in her striped Christmas outfit (fun fact, bought this before we knew what we were having, I figured it worked for a boy or girl!)

We went back to Lawrence on Christmas Eve and Gretchen did a great job during the service.  It helps that she loves music.

Pooch was helpful when she got tired

It was just the 3 of us (and the pugs) on Christmas Day and we had a great time lounging around in our PJs most of the day, watching movies.  (A Christmas Story, The Santa Claus, Home Alone, and The Kings Speech).

with her new book and jammies

Squirms loves the soft pink doll she got from GPop and Gran Jan.  She’s very interested in feeling different textures right now so it is perfect.

and she and the pugs are fascinated by the Mozart Music Cube.

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