Goodbye 2012

Tyler and I went out to dinner last night to celebrate his 29th birthday and the promotion he got at the end of last week, something we weren’t expecting to happen this year.  My parents were awesome and watched Gretchen so we were able to linger over an amazing dinner at 715.  Free babysitters + great food + great conversation = best thing ever.  :)  We reminisced some about this last year although it’s hard to remember life without Gretchen.  Facebook and Instagram photos were able to jog my memory this morning :)

January-  I pretty much remember nothing except that I rarely ate due to my morning sickness and had to miss out on Kansas City Restaurant Week 2012, boo!  I will make up for it this year!  Tyler completed physical therapy for the shoulder surgery he had at the end of 2011.  The pugs supervised.

February- my dad helped Tyler install laminate flooring in our family room.  This room now has new (unpainted) trim and doors but remains woefully unfinished, maybe next year?

Tyler’s parents moved to Kentucky in February and we inherited their piano, and thus, another surface for my ridiculous amount of Christmas decorations, booyah!

March- Boopers trapped a baby bunny, but totally froze up and didn’t know what to do.  So she just stared at it, for like 20 minutes until we took her inside and let the bunny escape.  She spent the rest of the year fervently hunting bunnies to no avail.  Poor Boopers.

Found out we were having a GIRL!   Thus began my pink spending spree.

April- Made major progress on the nursery including painting the walls, closet, and all the trim.  Not much fun but worth the sweat.

May- Babymoon in Breckenridge

followed by a picnic at Red Rocks with friends

June-  My backyard looked amazing for all of 2 seconds before the soaring temps and drought hit and killed most of our grass
(and the bunnies and heat killed all my plants too, sob!)

3 amazing baby showers over the course of two weeks and finished the nursery.  Just in the nick of time it turned out.

On June 20th at 33 weeks and 1 day I woke up to some leaking and spent 5 days in the hospital on bedrest.  After being told I was 100% effaced and having a scary visit from the director of the NICU to tell me what to expect from a 33 weeker I was scared shitless.  Fortunately and miraculously the leakage stopped, I did not develop an infection, and the doctor let me go home on modified bedrest.  Temperatures soared to over 100 for days on end but I was parked on the couch with the AC cranked, a fan pointed directly on me, endless glasses of ice water (and trips to the bathroom), and watched seasons 1-6 of The Wonder Years.  Chubbs figured out big changes were ahead but took advantage of the extra snuggles while he could.

July- GRETCHEN ARRIVED!  Breastfeeding struggles, visit from out of town family, newborn photo shoot

breastfeeding and pumping sucked big time (pun not intended) but I made it to the one month mark with lots of encouragement from Tyler and then decided to keep going (with breastfeeding at least, I ditched the pump since it wasn’t helping my supply)

family from out of town came to visit and meet Gretchen.  Here she is with her great grandma Doris

August- started going to crunchy mom’s group at the NBC and made lots of new friends.  Spent most of the month staying inside to avoid the heat.  Gretchen did lots of eating and sleeping!

September- Tyler’s parents came to visit for a week.  Decided to extend my maternity leave by another 3 months.  Squirmy started to smile!

quilt made by Tyler’s mom

Gretchen got really interested in colors, Brown Bear Brown Bear was her favorite book to look at

October: Gretchen weaned, my best friends came to visit

Gretchen was baptized

first trip to the pumpkin patch (but we forgot to buy a pumpkin, whoops)

Squirmy’s first Halloween!  Rockin’ her pug hat

November- experienced my first panic attack in the days leading up to my first weekend shift back at work :(   Found a daycare provider for Gretchen.  Gretchen got her bottom 2 teeth and learned to roll over stomach to back!  Gretchen rocked her Obama onesie!

First road trip to Kentucky for Thanksgiving

December- Hired a babysitter for the first time and went to see the Nutcracker Ballet at the Kaufman Center,  received amazing whale quilt from one of my best friends

first Christmas and start of new family traditions

Tyler got a promotion to senior design engineer and we are celebrating NYE with fondue and family time!

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