6 months


weight & other stats: 15 lbs 14 oz and 25.75 in long (both 45th percentile), head is 17.5 inches (dropped a bit to the 96th percentile).

size: 3-6 months, moving into some 6 month stuff as well.

sleep:  Gretchen was a great sleeper this past month. Still STTN more often than not.  No belated 4 month sleep regression as I’d feared so I think we were one of the lucky ones that didn’t have to experience this (watch it hit super late now, lol).  Around Christmas we moved Gretchen’s rock n play to the nursery for a couple of nights, then made the jump to the crib.  We thought for sure she’d have trouble sleeping flat after so many months sleeping on an incline but there were zero issues at all.  Now most days she naps in the swing or RnP (mostly 20-40 minute naps, usually at least one long one that is 60-90 minutes) and then she’ll sleep 8-10 hours at night in her crib.  We’ve started using our Motorola video monitor and LOVE it.  Spying on her is so fun, heh.  Gretchen started daycare last week and slept really well there which was a relief.  We sent our spare white noise machine to help block out noise of the other kids and she slept well in their pack n play.


eating:  Gretchen is still exclusively formula fed, well up until today as we are starting baby led weaning tonight! She has her bottom 2 teeth and her top gums are swollen so the top 2 may be on their way.  Most days she eats anywhere from 28-32 oz of formula, taking a bottle every 2-3 hours still.  We are just finishing up our last can of Similac and switching to Costco brand formula which will save about $20 a month.  Money that will go towards buying her solid food I imagine!  We are kind of on the fence about organic vs. non-organic food for her.  I think we’ll follow the dirty dozen list and buy those items organic, at least to start.

likes:  toys that light up and make music, touch and feel books (she loves feeling different textures right now).  She is always watching the pugs and has started smiling/laughing at them and petting them if they sit close by.  Her favorite thing to do is lay on a blanket and roll/scoot around.  She hasn’t quite figure out how to roll back to front but she’s very close.  We tried the Ergo again the other night and she loved it.  She was able to look all around and finally fell asleep while Tyler was wearing her at Barnes and Noble.

dislikes:  being overtired, which has happened more recently since she’s so aware of things and easily gets overstimulated.  Not a fan of the paci again all of the sudden.  Her relationship with it runs hot and cold!



One thought on “6 months

  1. I don’t know if you’re wanting to make/buy her food, but I love love LOVE the Plum and Ella’s Kitchen baby food pouches (and the screw-on Boon spoon heads that come in a little container that I throw in my purse), especially for being out. They are infinitely less messy than jars, and organic to boot. And have fun foods in them, like millet, parsnips, etc. For posh babies, obviously 🙂 Anyway, they’re a bit more expensive than some, but usually go on major sales at Babies R’ Us/Target and last a long time, so you can stock up. But with so many teeth coming in, you’ll probably going to table food before long, lucky!

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