7 months


weight & other stats: nothing official this month but I think she’s probably between 16-17lbs at this point.  Her next appointment with the doctor is at 9 months so I’ll have official stats again then.

size: Still fits some of her 3-6 stuff but is mostly into 6 months/6-12 size.  We retired a bunch of jammies this month that just weren’t long enough anymore.

sleep:  now that Gretchen is in daycare a couple of days a week her sleep schedule has changed some.  She takes only 2 naps a day at daycare but they are often 90 minutes to 2 hours long.  At home she still takes 3-4 short naps.  She typically refuses to nap after 4pm so her bedtime is moving back gradually, closer to 7:30 or 8.  We can typically put her down with her crib soother and white noise machine and she’ll fall asleep by herself.  Most nights she sleeps about 10 hours, with the occasional middle of the night waking for a bottle.


eating:  We switched over to Costco brand formula in January which saves us about $20 a month. The switch was seamless.  Gretchen eats about 32+ oz of formula a day (mostly 5 oz bottles but she takes a 6 oz one first thing in the morning so we moved up to the bigger size Tommee Tippee bottles).  We made a couple attemps at table food thinking we’d go straight to baby led weaning (brief synopsis of the method here) but Gretchen is not yet at the point where she tries to put things in her mouth.  So she just squished the food around on her tray and never put any in her mouth.  We decided to do purees until she has more interest in grabbing food and it’s gone really well.  She loves: pears, peaches, apples, bananas, green beans, squash, sweet potato, and carrots.  She will not eat peas unless we mix them in with something else.  Her top two teeth came in this month so she has 4 teeth now!

likes:  rolling around on the floor (she can now roll back to front).  She likes hanging out in her exersaucer and her jumperoo and has figured out how to manipulate the toys on them.  She really enjoys her kindermusik class and listening to music and playing with instruments at home.  Also loves splashing in her tub, talking (a lot of babababa dadadada yayayaya), playing in the ball pit at daycare, sitting up like a big girl, and she ADORES the pugs.

dislikes:  peas! She also doesn’t like it when we leave the room, I think it’s the beginning of some separation anxiety but it’s not really a consistent thing yet.  Also not a fan of teething (and neither are we!)



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