9 months


weight and other stats: 19.8 lbs (72nd percentile), 27.75 in long (56th percentile), 18.5 in head circumference (99th percentile!)

size: we are gradually packing up most of her 6 month size clothing.  She is still wearing 6-12 month size and now 9 month clothing (most of which is whale themed, whoops).

sleeping:  Gretchen typically takes one nap in the morning (3o-60 minutes) and a long one in the afternoon (90 minutes-2 hrs, today it was 2.5 hrs!)   She also ends up conking out for about 30 minutes in the evening a few days a week.  We’ve tried just putting her to bed early but she wakes up after 30 minutes ready to play, so for now we’re just following her cues and letting her take the weird after dinner nap!  She STTN most nights, although sometimes she wakes up to eat in the middle of the night if she didn’t get at least 30 oz during the day.  She is often so busy playing during the day that she won’t stop and eat.  We alternate who gets up with her.  Usually she just downs the bottle and goes right back down.


eating: Averages about 32 oz of formula a day.  She takes solids at lunch and dinner.  We mostly do pouches now, and won’t be using Gerber baby food going forward after learning about this.   She pretty much loves everything we have given her, though she still won’t eat straight peas.  We are encouraging her to feed herself but she hasn’t shown much interest.  We recently introduced mum mums and she will sometimes put one in her mouth and take a bite.  Then she hands it to one of the pugs!  She is great at picking up any food we offer her, but very rarely actually puts it in her mouth.  It will come in time I’m sure!

likes: pug toys!!! Her little people Noahs ark animals that I got at a consignment sale.  Pulling off her socks, scooting across the room (not quite crawling, but close!)  jumperoo, walks in her stroller (we took off the carseat adapter so she rides facing out now), watching the pugs play tug or fetch, music, sitting up and playing with her toys, talking (she will babble mamamamama and dadadadada).

dislikes: having toys (especially pug toys) taken from her.  Still hates peas.  Doesn’t like it when we try to get her to hold her own bottle, even though she’s perfectly capable.  She gets fussy and squirmy on the changing table, I don’t think she likes being on her back now that she knows how to get around on her tummy!



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