10 months


weight and other stats: nothing official this month but I’m sure she’s broken the 20lb mark

size: I pulled out all of her summer clothes which are 12 month and she’s able to fit in some of them but 9 month clothes still fit better.  Fun to have new outfits to put on her though!

sleeping:  Still one morning nap and 1-2 afternoon naps and the very rare evening nap though she’s mostly phased those out this last month.  She has started STTN more often, maybe 2-3 times a week.  If she wakes at night it’s just once to eat and she goes right back down. We introduced a lovey this last week, not sure what she thinks of it just yet but it does seem to help her go down more quietly and we’ve found her snuggling it a couple of times already.  It is very rare that we rock her to sleep anymore, just for the occasional nap when she’s fussy.


eating:  Her formula intake has dropped a bit and averages 20-30 oz most days, she is just so busy during the day getting her to stop and take a bottle is difficult.  The last couple of nights she’s been taking a couple of big bottles in the evening though.  We continue to do purees at lunch and dinner, her favorites have blueberry in them but really she likes them all.  She has mastered the pincher grab this month but still has problems getting the food into her mouth (puffs and cheerios).  She is showing a bit more interest in feeding herself and can now eat an entire mum mum.

likes: army crawling allllll over the place (and up stairs!), feeding the pugs, playing with anything that isn’t technically a toy, the song Baby-O, her stuffed grover, PUPPETS!, pulling her socks off, playing with her rubber duckies in the bath.

dislikes: being on the changing table, being sick (got her first cold this month and it was 2 very not fun weeks), grass, strangers (or really anyone that isn’t me, Tyler, or her daycare provider), pug fights, hats.



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