First Mother’s Day

I really want to get back into the habit of blogging random thoughts, pictures, events, etc.  Facebook and instagram (@slugpug if you want to follow) are just so much quicker!  However I’ve been blogging in some form since 2001 so I think I need to keep going 🙂

We usually spend the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend with my family to celebrate my mom and also celebrate my sister’s birthday, which always falls that weekend.   Before meeting up with them I went to Salon Di Marco to redeem the gift certificate Tyler gave me for my birthday.  I got a one hour massage and a pedicure (I swear the give the best pedicures!)  It was heavenly!  I also did a little shopping at my favorite store, Made.  I got my sister a gift card and a new key chain, earrings, and popcorn seasoning for myself.  Downtown Lawrence on a beautiful day is such a happy place for me!  I had time to grab a smoothie at Juice Stop, get my ring cleaned at Kizer Cummings, and browse the  adorable baby stuff at Blue Dandelion (I always drool over all the Zutano clothing they carry but I cannot afford).

We Skype’d with my brother and and his 4 (soon to be 5) kids and enjoyed steak and salmon and deviled eggs for dinner, yum.  Gretchen was not in the best of moods.  She’s definitely going through a phase where Mama and Daddy are the only people she really wants to hold her.  Hopefully that will pass soon.  We probably stayed out too late because she cried for about half of our walk around the lake and the entire ride home.  I think the sun was in her eyes and it pissed her off, of course she passed out about 5 minutes before we got home.

Sunday I got to sleep in a bit and Tyler brought me breakfast and chai from Panera and Starbucks.  Great start to the day!  Tyler went on his long Sunday run (he runs his first half marathon on June 1st) and then we went out to lunch, my pick.  We went to Salty Iguana and were seated next to friends and able to watch the first part of the Royals game (which we lost, damn Yankees).  The manager brought around $10 gift cards for all the moms, it was fantastic!


white cheese dip and a strawberry margarita, perfection!

My big Mother’s Day gift was a new tree for the backyard!  We’ve been discussing getting a tree for the last couple of years but couldn’t decide what kind, where we wanted to put it, or how we were going to get it home since we don’t have a truck.  We ended up buying a 3 foot pink dogwood tree and some boxwoods and azaleas for the front.  It took two trips but we got it all home and planted!  It has already bloomed for the year, can’t wait for next spring to see all the pink flowers.


now let’s just hope Toby doesn’t take to peeing on it daily…the nursery has a 2 year guarantee fortunately!


It was a lovely first Mother’s Day and beautiful out to boot.  Loved spending the day with my thoughtful husband and the sweet baby girl that made me a mama.


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