11 months


weight and other stats: nothing official this month but her one year appointment is coming up soon!

size: Most of the 9 month outfits have been retired and she is wearing 12 month clothing, lots of fun summer dresses!

sleeping:  not much change. One morning nap, and one long afternoon, or two short afternoon naps.  She still wakes up most nights for a bottle, anywhere from 3-6 oz, then she goes right back to sleep.  She will STTN a couple of times a week.  It seems to take her longer to go down for naps now that she has figured out how to pull up in the crib!  It was really bad when she first learned to pull up because she couldn’t figure out how to get back down, but fortunately after about a week she figured that out.  One funny thing she’s done this last month is fall asleep while sitting (she lays her forehead down between her legs).  She’s done this at naptime and while playing!


eating:  Usually 28-30 oz of  formula a day, she only has a few weeks left on formula, crazy!  She has really figured out baby led weaning this month, hooray!  She loves to eat broccoli and banana.  She is an expert at eating her puffs, cheerios, yogurt melts, and mum mums.  She has also taken some bites of quesadila, bell peppers, grapes, strawberries (from our garden!), beans, rice, cheese, chicken.  Basically she is trying many of the things we put on her tray, which is so exciting and a huge relief since she will need to rely on solids more once she hits the 1 year mark.  She still takes a veggie puree at lunch and a fruit puree at dinner.  On the tooth front, in addition to the 8 teeth she has already, one of her canines has started to come in, before her one year molars!

likes: she has mastered crawling and can speed crawl all over the house, she LOVES pulling up, which she figured out how to do a few weeks back.  She is tentatively trying to cruise along furniture with not much success yet.  Enjoys playing with laundry, her big wooden activity cube, talking to us and the pugs (still lots of mamamama, dadadada, duhduhduhduh, and shrieking).  She also loves making a clicking noise and having you repeat it back to her, then she clicks again.  Splashing in the tub, stealing food off of our plates, grabbing pug tails, crawling up and down the tiny step in our entry (over and over again), new toys, hosting playgroup (last month she cried, the stranger anxiety has fortunately passed), pulling glasses off Tyler’s face and grabbing his nose.

dislikes: Tyler put on a baseball cap and she freaked out, being fed solids (she likes to feed herself, except for purees), being held for too long, car rides, having her diaper changed, having her faced wiped after meals, sitting on grass, falling down (which she’s done a lot of this last month!)



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