12 months


weight and other stats:  21 lbs 11 oz (76th%), 30.5 in long (88th %), and her head is still in the 99th %, not a surprise!

size: 12 months and a few 12-18 month items.  All the 9 month clothing has been packed away.

sleeping:  pretty much never STTN this last month.  May be teeth (her canines and molars are coming in), may just be a phase we’re in.  We are considering doing some kind of night time sleep training soon, after we are done with our travels and after she has transitioned off of formula.  I don’t think she really needs the middle of the night bottle(s) so we’ll probably address that soon.  Still taking one morning nap and 1-2 in the afternoon.


eating:  After 11 months of daily tracking every.single.bottle. I stopped tracking her formula intake a couple of weeks ago.  It was weird but also freeing 🙂   Gretchen really started to eat  a variety of foods this last month, which was exciting.  Some of the things she now eats regularly: broccoli, tomatoes, black beans, cauliflower, banana, cheese, peaches, strawberries, plain and greek yogurt, puffs, mum mums.  We still have a bunch of pouches leftover but usually mix them up with yogurt instead of feeding them to her straight.  She really got the hang of the sippy cup this last month, although she refuses to take anything but water out of it.  We tried formula and pedialyte (when she had a stomach bug) and she refused the cup both times.  She had her first taste of something sweet, a bit of birthday cake while we were visiting Tyler’s family.  We continue to introduce new foods to her but she tosses much of it to the pugs, which they love of course!  Spaghetti was rejected tonight, although she did smear the sauce all over her head.

likes:  Saying “dada” and breaking her mama’s heart ;), pulling up on everything, cruising, crawling, exploring, giving high 5s, turning the tv on and off, babbling, swimming, playing with her cousins, going up the stairs, trying to go down the stairs, finger puppets, looking at the covers of books (but not the pages), walking with her push toys, blowing raspberries, taking off her diapers.

dislikes: long car rides, being told no and being blocked from grabbing stuff she wants, when we leave the room after a middle of the night feeding.



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