favorites: 6-12 months

Yes I know Gretchen is almost 16 months old but I’m finally getting around to this!  Gotta do it before I forget!  I already wrote about our favorites for birth-6 months here.


sleep sacks:  Initially we used long sleeved fleece sleepsacks from Carters, but Gretchen outgrew the length around 9 months.  At that point we switched to sleeveless sleepsacks from Halo and Aden and Anais cozy sleepsacks.  You can find the Halo sacks used at consignment sales for about $3 a piece and many are in like new condition.


Carters long sleeved fleece sack


A&A cozy sleepsack

motorola video monitor:  we transitioned Gretchen to the crib in her room around 6 months and the video monitor has been awesome for spying on her and giving us peace of mind.  I can watch her to determine if her sounds mean she’s upset, stuck in the slats of the crib, or just playing around.


I seeeeeee youuuuuu

loveywe didn’t introduce a lovey until Gretchen was 6 months old.  She had ditched the pacifier at this point so we wanted to introduce a different comfort object.  Angel Dear loveys came highly recommended so I got a set of the pink hippos.  Later on I got another set so she has 4 and we rotate them out as they get gross (she chews on the ears).  These are small, soft, and adorable.  It stays in the crib, we don’t allow her to carry it around.  We do take it on road trips as it helps her sleep on long rides.



fisher price space saver:  I didn’t want a large high chair taking up space in our dining room, so the space savers was the right choice for us.  My only real complaint about it is that the straps get really dirty and I don’t think they can be removed, at least not easily.  We’ve traveled with our space saver which is so convenient when visiting great grandparents or friends that don’t have a high chair, it will also come in handy on vacation next year!


great high chair, but those Green Sprouts bibs suck, don’t buy them.

organic pouches: I never got into making my own baby food, and baby led weaning didn’t really take off with Gretchen until closer to 10 months, so we used store bought purees.  Initially Gerber until I read about the traces of lead found in their food, then we switched to organic pouches such as plum organics, happy baby, sprout, and ellas.  I shopped around for good deals. BRU and Buy Buy Baby often have sales on plumb organics where they are $1 a pouch.  You can find coupons on the brand’s FB pages and Target often puts pouches on sale so you can combine target sales/coupons with manufacturer coupons.  Also emailing the companies and requesting coupons worked out for me.  Zulily also has sales on these pouches from time to time if you watch.  Just make sure you factor in shipping to see if it’s really a good deal.  I split shipping with a local friend during one sale and now share a Zulily unlimited account with her, which greatly reduced my shipping costs!

boon screw on spoons:  We loved these things.  If you use pouches regularly pick up a couple of packs of these screw on spoons.  Walmart also sells a knock off version.  Makes feeding on the go or even at home quick and there’s so little clean up.  Before I was putting the puree in a bowl and feeding her with  a spoon.  Once I got the screw ons it meant fewer dishes 🙂

munchkin sippy cups: Gretchen was not interested in a sippy until about 10 months.  Instead of going and buying a bunch of different kinds I asked my mom friends to bring their rejected sippy cups over to playgroup so that we could try several different kinds and figure out what she liked.  It worked and we then went out and bought a bunch of the type she preferred and returned the ones she didn’t like to our friends.


omg i was so relieved when she finally started using that cup!


exersaucer & jumperoo– we used these daily from about 6 months to 9-10 months.  Gretchen would get a little time in them each day while we were trying to get things done around the house.  She loved playing with the toys and bouncing like a maniac.  Just beware, we’ve had our one and only poop blowout in a cloth diaper in the jumperoo (pooperoo we called it that day).  The compression on the diaper can cause explosions.  I got my exersaucer and jumperoo at a consignment sale.  There are always tons to choose from and I was able to get both for $50 total in excellent used condition, score!  They take up space but it’s only for a short period of time.  Now they are in the basement for the next baby and I’ll resell them after that.


such a bald little baby!


jumped herself into exhaustion

b. toys parum pa pum– we started Kindermusik classes when Gretchen was about 6 months old and she LOVED it.  She loves to listen to music and bee bop around and shake the instruments.  She loves this instrument set and I like that you can store all of the instruments inside the drum.   Great for travelling since you can tuck some other toys in there for the ride too!



jammies– we LOVE the Children’s Place zip up sleepers.  Everything else I care more about style than brand 🙂  But most of Gretchen’s clothes are Carters, Baby Gap, Old Navy, Circo, with a smattering of gymboree and crazy 8 (I’m picky about the cutesy stuff).  I buy about half of Gretchen’s clothes new (on sale) and the other half at consignment sales.



ergo– I will admit that I never really got on the baby wearing bandwagon.  I tried a K-tan when Gretchen was little but didn’t get a good fit and she is so squirmy that it wasn’t very comfortable for either of us.  Also I get hot easily so baby wearing doesn’t really appeal to me for that reason.  We use the Ergo quite a bit though when we’re on family outings without the stroller.  Especially great for the farmers market, apple orchard, pumpkin patch, etc.  Tyler wears her in the Ergo and she loves it now.  We have the Ergo straps set to Tyler’s measurements so he can just slip it on when needed without having to adjust.


loves being worn by daddy

maxi cosi pria 70– there are SO many carseats to choose from, holy cow it is overwhelming.  I knew we wanted to keep Gretchen rear facing until at least 2 so I needed a seat that can accomodate that.  I talked to lots of friends about what they use and checked out some online forums to see what carseats people found fit well in their Mazda 5, since that’s the car the seat would be going into.  We ordered our seat from albeebaby during a sale.  I got a $50 gift card that I was able to use to buy some toys and stroller accessories I’d been wanting.  I believe I paid $250 and got the gift card on top of that.  Gretchen seems comfortable in this seat and it was not too hard to install and fits well behind our passenger seat and allows us to have enough leg room.   Especially love the cupholder!


shopping cart cover– this is something that I know a lot of moms don’t use or ridicule, but I swear by it.  Gretchen only got sick twice during her first year.  Once a cold, and once a stomach bug.  I don’t know that a cart cover gets credit for that but it may have helped.  I know stores have wipes for their carts but those are inside the store and usually we part next to the cart corral and I put her right in a cart, making it so I don’t have to carry her and my bags in and out of the store.   I like that the cover is soft and prevents pinching and you can clip toys to it.  I just keep it in the car and wash it every so often, it’s not really a hassle for me.  I ordered my cover on zulily, it is Infantino brand.



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