JoCo Park Tour: Franklin Park

Last Friday we explored Franklin Park for the first time with a few friends.  This is easily one of my favorite parks that we’ve gone to our on park tour and I am excited to go back as soon as the weather clears up!

Franklin Park in Prairie Village, KS

8706 Roe Ave. Prairie Village, KS 66208


What we love about Franklin Park:  THE SHADE!  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a park this shaded.  So many big trees offer a canopy of shade for the whole playground.  I hate playgrounds where you bake in the sun and the equipment is burning up before noon.  This park has a ton for the kids to do.  Gretchen is obsessed with swings right now so we spent quite a bit of time over there.  There are 2 baby swings, 2 big kid swings, and a tire swing
(which she loved!)  Gretchen’s other obsession at this park were the ride on toys, a turtle and a duck (at least that’s what she called it, not sure it’s actually a duck!)  There are two large play structures, one geared more towards younger kids, one for older kids.  The real stars at this park are the sandbox and the nature stream.  The huge sandbox is loaded with buckets, shovels, and other fun toys.  The nature stream has a little man-made stream and lots of logs and rocks for the kids to climb on and explore.  Sadly we went too early in the season to enjoy the stream.  Not sure when it gets turned on, maybe after Memorial Day?  We will go back later this summer to check that feature out and I’ll try to update my post at that time.


Other things to know about Franklin Park:

-There is a large shelter next to the playground with bathrooms and water fountains next to it.

-This park is popular and can get really busy. I spoke with a mom that said it was a rare day there wasn’t a line for the swings!  I imagine it will be busier once school is out for the summer and the nature stream opens.

-In addition to the shelter there are several picnic tables right next to the sandbox and plenty of green space and shaded spots for a picnic.  With so much to do at this park you could easily spend a few hours here.

-The parking lot filled up fast but there appears to be street parking available adjacent to the park.

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