It is hard to believe it but Gretchen started preschool last week!  On Wednesday we had a meet the teacher event where she got to visit her classroom and check out all of the toys. She loved it.


Gretchen’s friend Grace is in her class so she has one friendly face among the sea of 3 year olds.  They did get in a disagreement already about how it’s possible for both of their names to start with the letter G.


What Gretchen packed for her first day of preschool.  Note the rolling pin and butter.  I sneakily re-packed it with her supplies and spare sets of clothes.


her official “first day of preschool” picture


and the many outtakes before I got the official picture!

Gretchen had SO MUCH FUN!  She was the second one in the door and didn’t even look back.  She refused to answer my questions about what they actually did at preschool but she did say she wants to go back.  Most memorable quote of the week was “I’m going to learn EVERYTHING at preschool!”

We went last night to play on their playground so she could explore all it has to offer without all the other little kids around.  The tire swing is BY FAR her favorite.


So fun (and bittersweet) to watch her hit this big milestone!


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