Cora: 1 Month Old


Stats: 10lbs 15oz (88%), 22 1/2 in long (96%), head circumference 15.5in.(90%)

Size: 0-3/3 month clothes.  I managed to squeeze her into a newborn sized onesie yesterday when that was all I had on me after she spit up but it was a TIGHT squeeze.

Sleep: Longest stretch is probably about 3 hours right now.  Generally in the mornings she is very alert and hungry and may take a short nap but nothing significant.  In the afternoons she will take long 2 hour naps and those often continue into the evening.  At night it varies.  She usually sleeps at least 90 min-2 hrs at night and goes 3 hours from start of one feeding to start of the next.

Eating: She is much hungrier and a more active nurser than Gretchen was so we’ve combo fed her differently.She likes to eat and we’ve been supplementing since day 1 due to her size and my supply issues.  Currently she gets 2.5 oz of formula at each feeding.  At every other feeding I breastfeed her before giving her the bottle and she’ll feed about 10 min per boob.  Weighed feedings show she gets a little over 1 oz of breastmilk per feeding.  That amount did not change when I switched from breastfeeding at every feeding to every other feeding.  She is more content with spaced out breastfeeding as my boobs are actually full if I go 4-5 hours between feedings rather than 2-3.


Likes: Eating, snuggling, being swaddled, her pacifier, her vibrating bouncy seat (tolerates the swing sometimes), her big sister, staring at open windows. Being outside.

Dislikes: The preschool drop-off/pick-up line, or any time the car stops moving.  Baths. Being hungry.

Firsts: bath, doctor’s appointment, Halloween, visit to church, visit to Deanna Rose Farmstead, matching sister outfits.



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