Cora: 10 months old


stats: none

size: They are getting tight but waiting til the weather gets cooler to move her into size 18 month clothes.  Moved her up to size 4 diapers.

sleep: Cora is consistently down to only 2 naps a day now.  She dropped the evening nap and just takes along morning and long afternoon one now.  She consistently sleeps all night.


eating: This girl likes to eat and eat and eat and eat.  Her preference is to feed herself and we give her little pieces of all kinds of foods. The only thing she rejects are peas.  She likes pouches and will suck them down directly from the pouch, something Gretchen didn’t do til she was much older.  She can drink from a straw sippy cup but spits out most of the water.

likes: Crawling all over the place and exploring. Putting everything in her mouth.  Being with her daddy if he is home.  Eating, especially black beans.

dislikes: Being confined to the carseat or stroller when we are out. Hates when the instant pot releases steam.  Not a big fan of sister hugs these days.

firsts: started crawling!


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