JoCo Park Tour: Antioch Park in Merriam, KS

Our first visit to this park was about a year ago and we’ve been back many times since.  This is a huge park and because there are multiple playgrounds and play areas you can spend a lot of time here playing and exploring.

Antioch Park in Merriam, KS

6501 Antioch Rd, Merriam, KS 66202

What we love about this park:  The variety of things you can do here!  Walk the trails, fish in the lakes, explore the rose garden, play in Dodge town or one of the 2 playgrounds, swing on the swings, have a picnic under the huge trees, reserve a shelter and have a cookout, and of course meet up with friends (and make some new ones as we did on our outing!)  There are indoor bathrooms at this park which is great when you have toddlers that are still mastering the art of using the potty in public.

IMG_1862 IMG_1863

Other things to know about Antioch Park:

-Kids under 15 don’t need a fishing license. This would be a great spot to take your kids fishing for the first time since you know they’ll tire of it after too long and the playground is right there when they get bored! 😉

-On the south end of the park there are basketball, tennis, horseshoe and bocce courts.

-This park gets straight crazy on a nice weekend!  Weekday mornings are great though, or even in the evening when things have cooled off a bit.